We need your (event) info

Yes it is that time again. A new year has started so first of all we wish you a smashing downhill year !

That being said, a new year brings new event dates… And we want them. Like every year we’ll publish a huge list with all the events we can get our hands on. See our 2017 (EU) list below.

Downhill events in Europe 2017
Downhill events in Europe 2017

Event data

If you want your event shown on this list, you better make sure we get the info ;) You can submit it through our submit form, which you can find in the sidebar of this site.

For each event we are ideally looking for the following information:
– Is it a freeride or a race ?
– What’s the location of base camp/track ?
– What’s the track info through findhills.com ?
– What date/time does registration start ?
– What’s the registration fee ?
– Where can riders register (link) ?
– Which disciplines are allowed ?
– What’s the rider limit ?
– Is there an official website (for the event, not the organisation)
– Is there a Facebook event
– Is there a Facebook page (not a profile, but a page)
– Is there a digital flyer/poster ?
– Is there a video of last year or a trailer for this year

For our annual list, name, date and city/country will suffice but for the listing on our website we like to share as much info as we can get our hands on.

Click here to submit your event.


We also list results of events, but due to working hard on the new IDF website, less time was spent on freerides last year. If you have any results of an event, please send them to us. Also older results will be accepted and posted (if it’s a downhill event).

So we need your input ! Let’s create an awesome list again, tag your friends and skate mates and get us that info ;)

Coming Events

Our list has 8 upcoming events worldwide with new ones added regularly.

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Last added events
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