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  • Bookmarking events

    We have built a new feature, where you can ‘bookmark’ your favourite (upcoming) events. These will then show up on your profile page, so you can easily see when registration is opening and have easy access to your favourite events.

    For this feature you need to be a registered user and logged in. If you’re logged in, you then see a button below each event to bookmark it, like the one below.

    This will then also show up on your (new) public profile page, so you can see where your friends are going. We don’t have a public list of users yet, but this will most likely soon change.

    If you have bookmarked at least 1 event, your page will also show a personalised calendar, showing just your events.

  • I haven’t received the confirmation email.

    There are 2 confirmation emails, both are sent automatically. Always check your spam folder first.

    1. The confirmation email to activate your account. If you haven’t received this contact us.
    2. The confirmation email you receive after registration is not necessary to pay/complete your registration. You can find all necessary info on your personal page.
  • I have registered for an account but I can’t login.

    After you have registered for a user account, you will receive an (automated) email with a link, to confirm your email address.

    Please also check your spam folder if this doesn’t seem to arrive.

    If nothing has arrived after 15 minutes, contact us.

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