The 100 mph club

Last weekend the Top Speed World Challenge took place in Canada. Riders were hunting for the fastest speed on this hill, trying to break previous records set by others.

Top Speed World Record 2016 standup times day 2
Standup times day 2
Others like Erik Lundberg, who set a new record a while ago on the same hill where he clocked 81.17 mph / 130.63 kph. And of course Kyle Wester who went faster than Erik, 2 weeks earlier on a Colorado road. Kyle set the record at 89,41 mph / 143,89 kph. See the video and read an interview with Kyle on WheelBase Mag.

That was the speed most riders were gunning for this weekend, but the standup riders weren’t able to break that. Carlos Paixao from Brazil was the fastest, recording a speed of 85,13 mph / 137 kph.

Top Speed World Record 2016 luge times day 2
Luge times day 2
The real victory was for street lugers Mike McIntyre (101,979 mph / 164,12 kmh) and Roger Hickey (100,279 mph / 161,38 kmh) who were the only 2 riders able to break the 100 mph barrier, which makes them the only two in the world who have ever achieved this (on a street luge). A true world record breaking achievement. Also notable was the record of ‘Fast Donnie’ who achieved a speed of 101,6 mph / 163,50 kph in his gravity car.

Downhill has come a long way since “Signal Hill” back in 1975. It took about 40 years since riders were getting speeds on that ‘iconic hill’. And if you have no idea what we’re talking about, shame, learn your history. Luckily Red Bull is here to help you out and yesterday they have released the documentary “The Signal Hill Speed Run”, which you can watch online here.

The 100 mph club

Image via Marcus Rietema

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