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  • 3 riders, 3 roads

    3 riders, 3 different roads, all shot in one day. That is the main idea behind this video, featuring Arbor riders Will Clay, Pat Walsh and Jordan Crosby bombing roads in SoCal.

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  • Catalina Island Classic 2015 video

    The Catalina Island Classic is an annual highlight on the race calendar. The island, the weather and of course a spectacular race. Check out the official video.

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  • Arbor 2015 Downhill Collection

    Arbor recently brought five team riders to Southern California to showcase the 2015 Arbor downhill collection.

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  • Shortest way down

    Vancouver Super Grom, Sho Ouellette attacks any hill he finds at full speed all with style and ease. In this video he's charging a well-known Cali classic.

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  • Peace of Mind

    Tristan Kodors and Josh Boehlke head down a nice road in Malibu, California during their road trip from Canada.

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  • Maryhill/Whistler 2014

    Even though Maryhill 2015 is closer than 2014, it's never too late for a new video of this iconic race. Check out Freerides' founder Beee's video of Maryhill and Whistler.

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  • Towel goes fast

    Normally we don't post short clips, because there are tons of them, but this one is an exception. Tyler Howell, aka Towel bombs a road ridiculously fast.

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  • Mountain mobbing with Jimmy Riha and Daniel Luna

    While en route to Maryhill 2014, Jimmy Riha and Daniel Luna stepped out of their #KeepOnFuckingTour to ride some new roads.

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  • Carmi series: Daniel Holdsworth

    In this third and last episode of the Carmi Series, Daniel Holdsworth is holding it down on this recently repaved road.

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  • Alpine Agents

    The Free Wheel Co. recently took in Max Wipperman as their new team rider and now they took him and Rain Daley, on a trip to bomb some open roads.

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  • Shut Up and Tuck feat. Max Wipperman

    Max Wipperman has joined the Omen Longboards team. This welcome to the team video is a compilation of Max' Go-Fast way of skating.

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  • Kalil goes Ham

    Loaded rider Kalil Hammouri hails from Utah and is used to only one speed: Fast. Sometimes a bit too fast for his own good...

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