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  • Rollerman vs Nissan GT-R

    On one of Europe's most beautiful roads, the Grimsel pass in Switzerland, Roller man Jean-Yves Blondeau takes on a Nissan GT-R in a race.

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  • 9.81 session in the Jura

    The Jura is a mountainous area in Switserland (and France), where 9.81 owner Nicolas Robert bombs some nice roads with his friends Artiom Missiri, Julien 'Djul' Crettaz and Jules Hornung.

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  • Gioasteka 2013 inline video

    Like we said before, it's winter. Everyone has time to edit videos. This inline video of the Gioasteka Freeride, in August of last year hit the web this week.

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  • LRBX Euro trip 2013

    Cedric (Scheers) and William (Seynaeve) are two Belgian riders with whom we shared a freeride or two ourselves. This is a recap from their summer trip 2013.

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  • Gioasteka Freeride 2013 video

    The Gioasteka Freeride took place in the beautiful Swiss Alps in San Bernardino about a month ago but we didn't post a video yet so enjoy this one by Cency Lucchini.

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  • Gioasteka 2013 - photos

    Gioasteka is a freeride in Switzerland, close to the Italian border. This year we couldn't be there, but we did manage to gather quite a few photo galleries and a video as bonus.

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  • Gioasteka opens registrations

    If you hadn't seen it on our Facebook page already, here's a notice about Gioasteka 2013.

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