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  • All Gold Everything Tour 2014

    The Venom team went on tour this summer to Maryhill and Whistler and came back with this footage.

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  • Mikel's USA Trip part 4 - Whistler

    This last video of Mikel's USA/NorAM trip takes place at Whistler Longboard Festival, where he took first place in street luge. A very nice edit...

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  • Yardwaste gets reeled

    Riley Harris took a trip to hang with the boys from Yardwaste and hit up some hills in Chilliwack. This is the end result.

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  • Vancouver Island Disaster Tour

    It has been far to long since Bricin "Striker" Lyons and the F-BOMB had been on the Island. Switchback decided to do something about it and some good old school Coast Longboarding ensued.

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  • Beee-side: NorAM trip – Whistler

    After Maryhill it was time to drive to the Olympic Village in Whistler, Canada for my first Whistler Longboard Festival, a 6 hour drive from Portland through beautiful forests and landscapes.

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  • K-Grinder dual angle

    Watch Canadian Lee Cation and Kiwi Api Ihaia ride downhill with 2 POV camera's on a closed road in BC Canada.

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  • Whistler Longboard Festival 2014 by Arbor

    Check out the 2014 Whistler Longboard Festival Highlights from the International Downhill Federations Canadian World Cup presented by Arbor Skateboards. It was a spectacular race with a $10,000 price purse.

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  • R.A.H.D - Downhill Dingos

    A rad group of Aussies hit up Vernon, Maryhill and Whistler and had some of the best runs together and there's still more to come.

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  • Switchback @ Whistler Longboard Festival 2014

    Switchback Longboards loaded up their yellow steed "Bussy" for a trip into the mountains for Whistler Longboard Festival 2014 and they certainly had a good time.

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  • David Dean's Maryhill & Whistler trip

    David Dean was one of the street luge riders who participated at Maryhill and Whistler. From Maryhill he traveled with Patrick (Switzer), Tamara (Prader) and Brendan (Davidson) to Canada.

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  • Jane Paths Race 2014 video

    Jane Paths Race IV is a downhill race in Canada, combined with a sidewalk slide contest, organized by Rayne team rider Luke Melo. This is the recap video of that day.

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  • H.O.M.E. Outlaw 2014

    Yardwaste downhill hails from British Columbia, Canada and this bunch was responsible for the H.O.M.E outlaw 2014 which took place somewhere in Fraser Valley.

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