Skating open road on event tracks

Recently it came to our attention that some riders were riding open road on tracks which are used for an event. This was the main reason to jump back on the keyboard and type some words about it.

Let me start by writing (actually it’s typing) the ‘unwritten rule of downhill’.

“You don’t skate open road on tracks that are used for freerides/races.”

Open road skating
Open road skating (riders are not related to the post) – via: Pinterest

Why ? Because roads which are meant for events should be ‘treasured’ and kept safe. If anything happens on this road, while there’s no event, this will reflect negatively onto the organiser of that event.

And please don’t come with lame excuses like “we ride really safe, we use spotters/walkie talkies, we use a chase/follow car”. Bla Bla Bla… All excuses…

An accident doesn’t have to be caused by you but can happen when an animal crosses the road or cars could get spooked by a pack of skaters coming round the corner.

Roads which are ‘sanctioned’ during events are sacred and should be treated as such. The organiser puts in a lot of work/preparation to keep residents along the track happy and this can easily be destroyed when some riders disrespect the unwritten rule and bomb a road outside of an event.

That 2-minute run of fun can have big consequences for the event on this location. So think twice before you think about riding an event track.

TLDR: Don’t be a dick and ride open road on tracks which are used for events.

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