La Réunion part two: Le Volcan

Part two of James Kelly and Liam Morgan’s trip to Réunion Island has sparked quite a lot of discussions about the risks taken in this video.

Watch the video and see for yourself. The madness starts almost right of the bat at 1:22 continuing until 3:00. James and Liam dodge cars while riding a very crowded road during sunset. No lights, no reflective gear and crossing the middle line just before a corner, swerving out of the path of oncoming traffic. It even goes so far as James almost hitting a car at a roundabout.

And then this message at the start of the run: “Reunion skaters, please don’t skate here. This has been made by professionals and they know the risk of what they are doing. If you skate this road you could get seriously injured.

This is definitely NOT a good representation of our sport. It shows reckless riding on a crowded road. James should have known better and why does Caliber support a video like this ? Videos like this don’t do our sport any good.

The downhill community has enough problems already (with the law/government, in several countries) without videos like these and this makes it look even worse.

Even it this video is done by professionals as the (kind of hypocrite) message proclaims, people look up to (mostly) James and Liam. They should realize the consequences for putting stuff like this out. That people might do stupid stuff like this without having the skill.s They should have kept it for their private archive and not put it out.

I can go on about why this is a bad representation but you get the gist of it…

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