IDF Board Voting 2017

IDF elections 2017In a few days the voting booths of the IDF will open up again, so its members can vote on who’ll be elected as board members, who will serve for the coming 2 years.

Like with the previous board election, I have decided again to not run for a board member position. For the simple reason that I don’t need to be a board member to volunteer. And if I’m not a board member, I won’t take up a seat which can then be taken by another motivated person.

Next to that I have enough on my plate with and as well as some other non-skate projects and a full-time job.

But as I said not being on the board won’t mean I won’t be volunteering for the IDF. I’m still managing the website, I’ll be going to events (Kozakov for sure), I attend almost every meeting and several other things

For 2017 five board members have announced they will step down and won’t put themselves up for re-election. These five are: Cyrille Harnay/Koma Kino (President), Colin Beck/Bugs (Secretary), Lee Cation (Treasurer), Dave Robertson and Patrick Switzer. The other two board members, Maga McWhinnie and Zak Maytum, have put themselves up for re-election in 2017.

In the past days I have prepared the voting system for the IDF and thus I kept seeing the names of the people on who you have to vote. I couldn’t help thinking about who I thought would be the best candidates for the board.

Now the voting system is ready and awaiting opening, I thought it would be good to share my thought about who I am going to vote for. I have been involved in the IDF since 2013 and know first hand what’s going on and what ‘skills’ the IDF board members need to have to run the whole shabang.

It’s important to not pick your favourite skater/organiser who publishes nice videos or so, but you need to vote for the people who can actually keep the IDF running and possibly take it up a notch. The IDF board is there to keep the ball rolling, for you…

I have selected 5 people so far. I’m still doubting about the last 2 picks but I still have a couple of days. Click each name to read their textual presentation on the IDF website.

  1. Mike Girard
    I can easily say Mike is one of my first picks. He has a broad experience in organising events such as Central Mass, the Burke Mountain Freeride and this year he’s taking over Killington. He knows his way around the scene, knows a ton of people, so he’s one of of my ‘favourites’.
  2. Max Vickers
    Max might not be known by most of the members, but he has been an active volunteer over the past year already. He has helped out with several things already and he’s motivated so I think he’s a good pick.
  3. Federico Barboni
    From Italy comes Federico, the organiser of Verdicchio. He has also been actively involved in the past 6 months or so, so honouring him with an official position doesn’t seem like a bad pick.
  4. Billy Meiners
    You might not know the name Billy Meiners, but you might know the name Billy Bones. He’s been around, he has raced, organised events and I think he can bring some good ideas/thoughts to the table, so he’s got my vote as well.
  5. Marco Vidales
    Besides organising Festival de la Bajada, Marco Vidales has been an active volunteer for the past 2 years. He was one of the nominees during the 2015 election but didn’t get enough votes for an official board position. This didn’t stop him at all and he’s been helping out on several occasions. It’s good to have motivated people like Marco so I’m supporting his nomination.
  6. Travis Davenport
    Travis has been involved with the scene for quite a while, running events all over the East Coast. I think he can be a good asset.
  7. Max Capps
    I don’t know Max personally but I think he has a lot of racing/volunteering experience, plus he wants to be a race official, which we need more of, so he’s my last pick.

And there you have it. My picks for the 2017 IDF Board Election. I think these people are the best candidates for the open spots, this doesn’t mean the other 6 candidates are not qualified. I just don’t know some of them well enough to assess if they have the skills needed but if someone really wants to help out the IDF, like Max, Marco, Fede and myself did, not being a board member shouldn’t matter.

Voting for the IDF Board is restricted to paying members of the IDF, so if you want to vote this week, make sure your membership is paid and you’re good to go. The outcome of the election will be presented during the AGM which takes places on Sunday January 15 @ 22:00 CET which will take place online on Hangouts. Details can be found on the IDF website when the time is there.

The voting is offline, so no (more) link to the page.

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