Gravity Fest (CAN) cancelled

Prince Edward County Gravity FestOntario Downhill published this message last week: “It’s a very sad day for all Ontario Downhill Riders (and many Quebec riders as well). After three years of putting on the best event our province has seen, The Prince Edward County Gravity Fest will not continue for a fourth year. For those of you who made it out last year I bet you’re wondering why.”

Here is the official statement from the Committee:

“Hey everyone! On behalf of the entire PEC Gravity Fest committee, we want to thank you (yes, YOU reading this right now) for your continued support throughout the last 3 years. Whether you’re a rider, a sponsor, a volunteer, or a spectator, we truly appreciate everything you’ve done to support our race and the growth of our sport.

The PEC Gravity Fest is taking a hiatus for the 2013 season. We’re going to refocus, regroup, and come back in 2014 bigger and better than ever before

We wish everyone a safe and successful 2013 season! see you in 2014!”

“It’s a sad day when an event this rooted in the Ontario Longboard community has to die, whatever the reason. It should be fought for” said racer Kyle Lahey, and we couldn’t agree more! There is clearly a demand for more events like this in Ontario, otherwise PEC wouldn’t have the turnout it did, or the die hard riders that made this event a staple event to hit. “We are starved for safe closed road races in Ontario. Outlaw races are a staple of our community, but we are never fully able to push our limits on roads open to traffic” commented Rob DeFreitas owner of Bombora boards (3 time attendee and last years sponsor). As much as we all love outlaws we still need a safe environment to be able to practice without all the risks associated with traffic. As of now there is NOWHERE for us to so.

Given that PEC was Ontario’s only sanctioned race, it ended up being a great place for a new rider to get a taste of what a racing is like.”As a rider, that weekend changed my life. I left feeling inspired” said Michelle Poirier, an amazing woman who proved that age and gender mean absolutely NOTHING when it comes to racing.

Now with PEC being something of the past (for however long), it’s left a lot of new riders understandably outraged, “I think it’s unfair for us who live in Ontario…We don’t have any sanctioned races other than PEC for us to really push our limits in a controlled environment. Not a lot of teenagers can get out of Ontario to attend a race and they cancelled the only one on us” said Nickolai Trunov, a local ripper wondering when he’ll get a chance to race locally.

With this news comes many questions. Will we ever see another PEC? Who the hell knows, hopefully! Will it take us another million years to get more sanctioned events in Ontario? I don’t expect so, and here’s why. Us Onterribles got a taste of what it was like to have an annual sanctioned event, and now there’s going to be a demand for it, and more events like it. “If anyone is serious about putting on an event in the GTA/Hamilton area please contact me! I’d love to be a part of it” says Krisha Parks( PEC organiser and committee member).
See, It’s already started!!

Cheers Ontario!


Via: Ontario Downhill

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