Anything but a skateboard race (2017)

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Anything but a skateboard race (2017)

Date12 Nov 2017 from 10:00 - 14:00 (local time)
LocationLafayette (United States)
Event type
Registration fee$ 3,-
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Bolt some skateboard trucks to anything that isnt a skateboard and send er down overlook in a 4+ person heat! Last year the competition was fierce and the crazy setups did not disappoint. We will race 3 rounds of round robin style racing and then move on with elimination heats.


  • No skateboards allowed
  • Gloves and helmet required
  • This is a standup race – If a bunch of anything but a luge dudes show up i suppose we could run a luge class
  • Please consider the safety and wellbeing of your friends while building your race contraption!
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