Downhill events in Europe 2016

Publishing our mega list of events has become an annual recurring thing and each year the list gets bigger. We started out with one list world wide, but it just becomes too much for one list.

So we split it up. Our first list is the entire list for European Downhill events, which features 65 events in 14 countries. France is the country with the most events on our list; a whopping total of 18 events, the Czech Republic comes second with 6 events and Spain ties with the UK for 3rd place, both with 5 events. The second list, featuring events outside of Europe, will follow soon.

This list shows that downhill is very much alive and still growing each year but with so many events it gets harder to know all the relevant info. Lucky for you we have started posting a lot of events to the site again and a lot of them are online already. And if you can’t find it yet, we have more than 20 events scheduled to be published in the next days. And after that a lot more will follow (when we have all the info).

We have also expanded our registrations page. It now shows countdown timers to the start time of various event registrations around the world.

So don’t be late and register for one of the events and see you somewhere on a mountain in Europe.

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Downhill events in Europe 2016 (lo-res)

Download big/hi-res version

You can download a bigger version with higher quality here.

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Coming Events

Our list has 11 upcoming events worldwide with new ones added regularly.

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