Beee-side: Summer Tour 2014

IDFIn a week from now the IDF summer tour takes of for this season with Maryhill Festival of Speed and will be dead smack in the middle of all the race action this year.

The schedule

On June 23 I’ll fly to the US to race Maryhill and some hills around Portland. After that it’s a day’s drive to the Canadian mountains for Whistler Longboard Festival.

After that I hop back into the US to catch a flight back home. I’ll (probably) only be home for 2 days before I leave again to Luxembourg for 2 days of freeriding at Billy’s Curve #2.

Then home again for 1 day to pack for the ‘long trip’. I’ll first drive to Almabtrieb for a week of German sausages and beer, together with Freerides’ crew member Rob McWhinnie, BTR‘s Ras Sarunas Rasalas, some crazy Swedes (you know who you are) and one of Germany’s fastest skating women; Nadine Hünemörder.

From Germany we’re then probably convoying to the gnarliest race on the Euro circuit; the Kozakov Challenge, while maybe bombing some Czech roads along the way. At Kozakov we will ride hard during the day and party hard during the night, because the parties at Kozakov are legendary. And watching the race is also very spectacular, so come if you can make it…

No Paws Down @ KNKRob will then drive to Slovenia for this year’s KNK freeride (the first of two), on which he will host his own mini-race; a “No Paws Down” race.

I was supposed to head for the Polish border with the Swedes to ride at Fusion and do a lot of runs on this new track, but this race just got cancelled last week, so we’ll need to find a new plan.

We have 12 days to kill before we have to be in the very South of France for Peyragudes Never Dies, so we’ll most likely head into the Swiss Alps, the French mountains or find a nice event somewhere. At PND we’ll meet back up with Rob and race the final EU WC race.

The last leg of my tour leads me all the way to the West coast of Portugal for IDF’s newest WQS race on the calender Douro Downhill. If I make it through all the races in one piece, I hope to celebrate my birthday in the Portuguese sun.

Live updates

As you can see, it will be a very interesting season and we’ll be in the middle of all the action.


Here we (most likely) won’t be able to do any live updates, because there’s no internet signal on the hill (as far as I know). So the only updates will be done after the races from the hotel (around 5/6 am CET).


Here we’ll probably fully equipped with wifi, so we can give you live updates about what’s going down at the races. This will vary from status updates of who’s on the starting line, actual (timing) results and photos.


We’re not sure yet what the network is like here, so we’ll have to wait and see.


Here it’s all systems go. There’s a solid wifi, so you can expect full coverage on your timeline.

Peyragudes Never Dies

Like last year we expect to have full online access again to be able to give proper updates all througout the weekend.

Douro Downhill

Douro has its own timing system and mobile app, which you can install to follow exactly what is going on at the races. Also this race will be broadcasted live on the internet, so you won’t have to miss a thing.

Where can you expect all these updates ? Of course on Freerides’ own Facebook page, but I will also be updating the IDF Facebook page, so be sure to like both to get all updates.

If you don’t want to miss a single update during the races, you can select to receive notifications (click the like button to see this option) whenever a new update is posted.

If you’re attending one of these races and wanna look me up, try the starting tent. There you’ll have the biggest chance of running into me.

Whatever events you will do this summer, skate safe !

Freerides is proud to be supported by Surf/Rodz and BTR Leathers for this season.

Surf/Rodz BTR Leathers

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