• How to prepare for a freeride registration ?

    With the spring ahead of us, the registrations for freerides are coming closer. How do you prepare for a registration so you won't miss out ? For that reason we've written some pointers about this topic.

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  • Greener Pastures goes Off Shore

    If you have been skating for a while, you must have come across the "Greener Pastures" videos. A serie of 5 kick ass videos featuring Patrick Switzer, James Kelly, John Barnett, Ramon Königshausen, Yvon Labarthe and others shredding hard.

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  • Wallonhill on tour

    If you saw the trailer for Wallonhill this year, you might have seen the dates in the last part of the video. If you didn't see it: Wallonhill is going on tour. They have 4 events planned on 3 different locations in Belgium and Luxembourg.

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  • Women's Longboard Camp 2013

    Ladies, not gentleman (sorry), this is for you. In May 2013 the second edition of the Women's Longboard Camp will take place. It is what the name says it is; a longboard camp for women, by women.

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  • Hello world!

    Welcome to; the online calendar for all your longboard/street luge downhill events.

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