Angie's Curves 2013 - recap

James Kelly taking the top podium spot - photo by Sector 9Last weekend was the first edition of Angie’s Curves, an IDF race organised by Sector 9 and the Ian Tilman Foundation and according to all Facebook posts and pics, it was a big success.

The temperatures were scorching, so all riders must have been sweating like crazy in their leather outfits. James Kelly was killing it and took the crown.

Big respect for Chance Gaul. Only 16 years old, but he managed to beat all the big names and come in fourth. He’s definetely one to watch in the coming years (see video below).

Podium results

  1. James Kelly
  2. Duke Degen
  3. Ricardo Reis

All Results Open Skateboard 64 Bracket

  1. James Kelly
  2. Duke Degen
  3. Ricardo Reis
  4. Chance Gaul
  5. Dillon Stephens
  6. Scott Lembach
  7. Louis Pilloni
  8. Ville Hietala
  9. Zak Maytum
  10. Kevin Reimer
  11. Spencer Smith
  12. Alex Dehmel
  13. Thiago Gomes
  14. Rain Daley
  15. Leon Ritter
  16. Juliano Cassemiro
  17. Kyle Martin
  18. Timothy Del
  19. Kevin Bouaich
  20. John Barnet
  21. Chadwick Gibson
  22. Jackson Shapiera
  23. Bernardo Paix√£o
  24. Travis Morris
  25. Billy ‘Bones’ Meiners
  26. Riley Harris
  27. Byron Essert
  28. Patrick Switzer
  29. Patrick Schep
  30. Thiago Duarte
  31. James Ware
  32. Rafael Sabella
  33. Jimmy Riha
  34. Tyler Howell
  35. Max Gradlmiller
  36. Alex Tongue
  37. Riley Irvine
  38. Trevor Ovenden
  39. Daniel Luna
  40. Pedro Frangulis
  41. Justin Rouleau
  42. Ethan Vinograd
  43. Alysson Garcia
  44. Maxwell Capps
  45. Justin Dailey
  46. Drew Edwards
  47. Mackenzie Yoshida
  48. Brandon Sanchez
  49. Max Wippermann
  50. Matthew Kienzle
  51. Justin Suryanata
  52. Nicolas Desmarais
  53. Micah Green
  54. Brett Ciabattini
  55. Adam Persson
  56. Lee Cation
  57. Deen Mondt
  58. Charles Ouimet
  59. Marie Bougourd
  60. Jose Guzman
  61. Cole Kurtz
  62. Ethan Lau
  63. Aidan Lynds
  64. Caio Cezar

Photo galleries

These are the pics we could find so far.

Brad Miller (Riptide) #1

Brad Miller (Riptide) #2

Jimmy Riha / Rad Train

Ali Mehraban / Rad Train

Aaron 'Tec Nero' Morales

U-T San Diego

Angie's Curves by U-T San Diego Angie's Curves by U-T San Diego Angie's Curves by U-T San Diego Angie's Curves by U-T San Diego Angie's Curves by U-T San Diego Angie's Curves by U-T San Diego

Chance Gaul

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