Aerial footage Insul 2014

Last weekend Insul took place, as a race, not a freeride. This video shows some nice aerial footage of the event.

Results below the video.


  1. Sebastian Hertler
  2. Matthias Ebel
  3. Jakob Raab
  4. Leon Ritter


  1. Ann-Katrin Buchwitz
  2. Tina Zobel
  3. Sabine Schneider
  4. Dora Kalb


  1. Pan Diemer
  2. Lennard Gires
  3. Luis Priester
  4. Max Hummel

Street luge

  1. Pete Elliot
  2. Matthias Lang
  3. George Cheesman
  4. Matthias Lang

Classic luge

  1. Pete Elliot
  2. Gerrit Geiger
  3. Flu Will Raus
  4. Kai Peterschik
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