Adam Persson is the first IDF champion

Adam Persson is the first IDF championDuring a nerv wrecking final day at IDF’s last race of the season; Mega Grand Prix in Brazil, Adam Persson came out on top and won the first IDF championship title.

Both Adam and James Kelly had a shot at the title and after getting through the first 2 rounds, they finally met in round 3, the quarter finals, where Adam and Jonas Richter were too strong for James.

That meant James was placed somewhere between 9th and 16th, which resulted in Adam having to finish 5th or higher. So it was exciting going into the semi-finals. If Adam ended up in the consi, the only chance for the title was when he won the consi, but after the Semi’s it was clear Adam was in the finals and he couldn’t lose the title anymore.

Now the only thing he had to do was ride the final, which he also won. So not only did he win the title, he finished 1st in the last race of the season. Congrats Adam, you blonde viking.

Also congrats to the other World Champions:
Elena Corrigall (Women)
Connor Ferguson (Juniors)
Abdil Mahdzan (Street luge)
Konstantin Weigl (Classic luge)

Final results Mega Grand Prix


  1. Adam Persson
  2. Thiago Lessa
  3. Danky Dean Garcia Ovalhe
  4. Max Ballesteros


  1. Georgia Bontorin
  2. Débora Sass de Almeida
  3. Maria Esyutina
  4. Magdalena Blanc


  1. Matias Eduardo
  2. Gabriel Pucheu
  3. Otacilio Silva Araujo Costa
  4. Ian Freire


  1. Juliano Cassemiro
  2. Silon Garcia
  3. Juarez Soares
  4. Paulo Pedro Poltronieri

Street luge

  1. Leo Adriano Borton
  2. Rodrigo Bisquertt
  3. Gustavo Franco
  4. Fernando Rocha
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